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Friday, November 4th


Biomedical Engineer
Optical Imaging: the Forefront of Early Cancer Detection

Who of us has not been, in some way, touched by cancer!  We have learned that early detection is crucial.  Scientists and researchers around the world are focused on new discoveries that detect cancer earlier and with greater accuracy.  This month’s speaker, Dr. Jennifer Barton, is on the frontier of this leading edge, life-saving research.  As a Professor and the leader of Biomedical Engineering at the UA, Dr. Barton specializes in the detection of ovarian cancer—because it is an especially elusive and undetectable type of cancer.  Her group has designed and fabricated miniature and ultra-high resolution endoscopes that can visualize the earliest stages of colon, ovarian, and skin cancer development.  

Dr. Barton is an engineer.  She has used her engineering skills to design unique instruments to detect cancer earlier, see it more clearly, and set the stage for better treatment.   Her creations manipulate light.  By using instruments that she has designed, Barton optimizes the use of contrast, sensitivity, and resolution. She is detecting and examining cancer with unprecedented techniques and new  instruments.  Even more amazing, Barton’s collaborative team is creating miniature microscopes that can be outfitted with these light-based instruments.  These tiny microscopes have the flexibility and control to weave safely within our bodies.  This allows them to fully examine our least accessible organs.  Ultimately, these innovations have tremendous potential to treat cancer more effectively and to save more lives.

Dr. Barton is currently Professor of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Optical Sciences, and Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering.  She recently became Co-Leader of the Cancer Imaging Program at the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center and is also Interim Director of the UA BIO5 Institute. This one-of-a-kind Institute organizes UA collaborations that address the world’s most complex, biology-based challenges.

This is one of the most exciting projects at the U of A.  It is complex and technical but, fortunately, Dr. Barton is a born-teacher and will encourage and invite us to share in the excitement of her discoveries.  We are fortunate that Dr. Barton has agreed to speak to us.

2200 E Elm Street (between Campbell and Tucson Blvd)
When you RSVP, please tell us if you would prefer the vegetarian/vegan selection.  Since this is a plated-luncheon, the main course for the attendees (including rolls, salad, dessert, and coffee or tea) will be the Chef’s choice.They promise it will be delicious!
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