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Friday, January 10, 2020


Dr. Timothy Cruz
 Medical Doctor and Professor at Pima Community College and the UA School of Medicine
The Biology of Music

Why do certain songs resonate on a core level, providing comfort to heal or producing various emotions?

Music plays a therapeutic role in healing and wellness, as well as bringing pleasure to the ears and soul. Dr. Cruz will describe the new and expanding frontiers of biomusicality – the biology of music – through a discussion of neurophysiology, cognitive processes, and structural components of memory and emotion. Don’t let the scientific words daunt you; the talk is intended to give us an awareness of how music affects each one of us on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and how that process might help us to heal and stay well.

Dr. Cruz teaches undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology at Pima Community College in addition to being a Clinical Associate Professor in Pediatrics at the UA College of Medicine. As an undergraduate, he studied Biological Sciences at Stanford University, attended the UCLA School of Medicine, and completed a residency in pediatrics at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.  He began playing violin when he was nine; during medical school, residency, and clinical practice, Dr. Cruz played with the Santa Monica Symphony for eleven seasons.

Please join us for this informative presentation to kick off a new year of learning and camaraderie!

2200 E Elm Street (between Campbell & Tucson Blvd)

Registration begins at 11:30 AM in The Arizona Inn (Tucson Room)

When you RSVP (see below) please tell us if you would prefer the “Vegetarian/Vegan” selection. Since this is a plated luncheon, the main course will be “Chef’s Choice.”

Free parking is easy and convenient, across the street from the main entrance to the Arizona Inn.

RSVP: To yaleclub.arizona@gmail.com by January 7, 2020.
$30 at the door (cash or check)

Registration starts 11:30 A.M. at the Arizona Inn (Tucson Room)

Lunch will be served at NOON
Dear Friend, please treat your reservation as a commitment and notify us if you are unable to attend. Thank you.

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