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Friday, February 1st


Dr. Mary Voyatzis

Unearthing the Mysteries of Ancient Greece
The Sanctuary of Zeus on Mt. Lykaion 

Since 2004, the University of Arizona has been collaborating on an exciting excavation project  between the Greek Ministry of Culture and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. The Sanctuary was described in detail by many ancient authors, such as Pausanias and Plato, and was first excavated at the turn of the last century by the Greek Archaeological Society. Although many important discoveries were made there at that time, more recent excavations have uncovered surprising discoveries, far beyond the original results.

This month we will learn all about it from Dr. Voyatzis, who has been the Co-Director of this important excavation since it’s inception in 2004. Mary was Department Head of Classics from 2000-2009 at the University of Arizona and a Professor in the School of Anthropology and the Department of Classics since then. She is the author of three books, several dozen chapters, articles, and reviews, and is currently writing a number of extended chapters about the Mt. Lykaion excavation. She is a world-renowned expert with extensive experience in historical excavation.

In her talk, Mary will highlight key findings from the recent excavations at Mt. Lykaion and showcase their significance within the larger Greek world. One example includes new revelations about the site’s age, dating back to the Neolithic period about 6000 years ago. Mary’s team has also discovered new functions of the mountain’s southern peak, which served as a sacrificial altar from the 16th c. BC until the 3rd or 2nd century BC. These findings, and others, are transforming our knowledge about the very origins of ancient Greek religion and ritual.   

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Registration starts 11:30 AM at The Arizona Inn (Tucson Room)
Lunch will be served at Noon

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