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Location: Tucson, AZ

A reminder about the great lunch and exciting speaker we have lined up for the October 5th lunch. RSVP as usual for the lunch.


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Friday, October 5th


Dr. Evan MacLean

The Thinking Dog: How Man’s Best Friend Helps Us Understand Cognitive and Behavioral Evolution

Most of us see dogs as best friends who provide love and companionship. Others, though, see them as scientific partners with the ability to unlock the mysteries of behavior, cognition, and evolution. For a long time, scientists didn’t believe dogs had much to offer when it came to studying these topics. Dogs were seen as a domesticated species that shouldn’t be studied if one wanted to make serious scientific insights. Over the last two decades, however, there has been a renewed scientific interest in dogs, in fields ranging from cognitive science to genetics and gerontology. This month’s speaker, Dr. Evan MacLean, will tell us all about recent advances in the study of dog cognition and behavior. Evan is a biological anthropologist and comparative psychologist at the University of Arizona. He studies evolution and animal minds, conducting research with diverse species ranging from chimpanzees and bonobos to lemurs and domestic dogs. His work tackles questions about what makes the human mind unique, as well as how and why cognition evolves.

Dr. MacLean will show us how dog domestication and diversity can yield powerful insights into questions about cognitive and behavioral evolution. He’ll also showcase the Arizona Canine Cognition Center, a newly established laboratory at the University of Arizona that enlists local dog owners to participate in research on these topics. After this talk, you may never look at your furry friend the same way again!

2200 E Elm Street
(between Campbell and Tucson Blvd)

When you RSVP, please tell us if you would prefer the “Vegetarian/Vegan” selection. Since this is a plated-luncheon, the main course for the attendees (including rolls, salad, dessert and coffee or tea) will be the “Chef’s Choice.”

They promise it will be delicious!

Free parking is easy and convenient. It is across the street from the Main Entrance!

$30.00 at the door (cash or check)
Registration starts 11:30 AM at The Arizona Inn (Tucson Room)
Lunch will be served at Noon

RSVP: Cathy Anderson –  yaleclub.arizona@gmail.com

Dear Friend:  Please treat your reservation as a commitment and notify us if you are unable to attend.