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DATE: Thursday Feb 8th, 2024
LOCATION: Health Sciences Innovation Building (1670 E Drachman Street)

For event questions and to RSVP, contact Silvio Cardero

ASTEC occupies the entire 7th floor at the Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) at 1670 E Drachman Street.

Dr. Allan Hamilton will conduct this tour. He is an accomplished neurosurgeon who holds 5 professorships at the University of Arizona. Some of you will remember when he gave a talk at our author’s luncheon.

On this tour, you will see how this center teaches EMTs, Doctors, and Nurses to respond to varying situations using realistic synthetic human models, instead of patients. The floor is set up like a television stage. The trainees can be put under real life situations with sirens and flashing lights, with the possibility of paratroopers dropping down in a reconfigurable lab environment.

Dr. Hamilton is the professional consultant for the TV series Grey’s Anatomy

RSVP: scardero@comcast.net

Here are details you need to know:

Parking Garage:
The best place to park would be the Health Sciences Garage on Campbell Ave.
The metered parking is on the top deck of the garage, located at East Garage, UMC, Tucson, AZ 85724. Parking can be paid via the kiosk in the garage or the passport app that they see signs for.
Maps link to garage

Coming to HSIB from the parking garage:
When you come down the stairs from the top deck of the garage you will head directly west toward the stairs slightly to the right under the covered walkway. Walk across the patio area and down the stairs on the other side passing the Coit museum/College of Pharmacy. Our building (HSIB) is directly in front of you across the little street, but the entrance is toward the south end of the building (there’s no entrance on the restaurant end). Once inside turn right toward Cafe Bolo and the elevators are on your right. We are on the 7th floor. When you get off the elevator you will be in our lobby.

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