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The Good, Bad and the Ugly: How Mother Nature is Harnessed to Manage Pests in Yards and Gardens

Spring is just around the corner! Do gardening and landscaping frustrate you because insects, diseases and wild animals annually turn your yard into a diner? Cornell and many other landgrant universities have been at the forefront of developing least-toxic products to manage these unwanted pests – through Integrated Pest Management or IPM. In this presentation, you’ll learn about biological control and how bacteria, viruses, and fungi are used to control weeds and plant diseases. Discover how unique minerals, soaps, botanical oils and similar natural products can prevent plant diseases and kill insect pests. And learn how landscapers and pest control companies use tools like Growing Degree Days and Phenological Indicators to determine the best time to use these tools – all while maintaining an ecological balance in the garden and landscape.

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