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The Newark Community Healthy Pet Clinic is a non-profit unconventional veterinary clinic located in an urban warehouse in Newark, New Jersey.  This clinic was founded by a Cornell undergraduate and veterinary school alumnus.  It’s based on Cornell’s Southside Veterinary Clinic in Ithaca, New York.  We would love to have you join us to view the clinic and learn more about veterinarians’ roles in today’s society.

We all know veterinarians take care of our dogs and cats. But did you know the veterinarian cares for all types of animals on the earth and in the seas? We will discuss how your vet cares for your dogs, cats, and all sorts of other pets, but that is not all! We will take a look at the many roles veterinarians are playing throughout our globe: caring for the farm animal, the gorilla in the zoo, and the wild animals inhabiting each continent. Perhaps working in the laboratory to discover new medicines and vaccines, or investigating nutrition to maintain and to improve animal health, the veterinarian’s job is truly a wonderfully diverse one.