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Location: Cleveland, OH

July 28 – Ivy-Plus Happy Hour

After a brief but possibly avoidable hiatus, we at Ivy-Plus are back with a summer throwback-leap forward happy hour event. Please join your friends, old, new and unmet, peers and buddies at High and Dry Bowling and Beer, resurrected at the space previously inhabited by Press Wine Bar in Tremont at Jefferson and Professor on Friday 7/28 from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

It’s like a blast from the past for Big Red fans of Collegetown, a bit of the dear-departed Royal Palm , a chunk of Johnny’s Big Red, a splash of the 9s and dash of the Chapter House topped off with a flash of the Haunt on Fridays at 5! It’s new for many with Duck-pin bowling, 70s style pinball machines and a wraparound patio circling a huge indoor room. Plus they just opened (on June 7th) with cool summer craft drinks, a wide selection of beers and a full kitchen!

So come out to see the new space, recall good times and make new memories!

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See you there!

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