Event Details

Location: Lansing, NY

The event has reached capacity and registration is no longer available. For event questions, please contact Steven Dolan at stevedolanhr@gmail.com.

Saturday, October 20, 2018
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Walnut Ridge Dairy
100 Brown Hill Road
Lansing, NY 14882

Most of us drink milk, even if only in coffee, enjoy cheese and love ice cream. Come join other Cornell alumni, family and friends to see the source of dairy products and tour an operating dairy farm. On Saturday, October 20th, Walnut Ridge Dairy has kindly offered to open up their 2300 acre farm to us. You will see, up close, how they milk 1350 cows, three times a day, with their 60 stall rotating milking parlor, producing about 100,000 gallons of milk per week. We will have a chance to tour the barns to see how the cows are kept comfortable, including cooling mists (when it is hot) and back scratchers, while some sleep on water beds, others sleep on beach sand. We may even have an opportunity to see newly born calves, 5 or 6 of which are born each day. There will be light snacks from the Cornell Dairy for your enjoyment.

Registration is limited to 50 people, with a registration fee of $10 per individual or $20 for a family. All registration proceeds will go directly to the Arlene Sadd ’34 Endowed Cornell Traditions Fellowship in support of an Ithaca-area student.

For event questions, please contact Steven Dolan at stevedolanhr@gmail.com.

For event registration questions, please contact Donna Carl at dc37@cornell.edu.