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Whether you are a connoisseur, curious about beers or just want to have a good time in company of friends – join us on a journey into a New and Old Worlds of beer!

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021
8:00 – 9:00pm EST
Zoom! Link included in your confirmation email.

How this works: Grab beers described below that look appealing to you at your local Total Wine store and buy food items if you would like to pair. You can buy recommended glassware and separate beer bottles at Total Wine & More. Log in via zoom at the comfort of your own home and enjoy a beer tasting presentation by Chris Rojas, Cicerone certified beer server from Total Wine Miami.

Cost: The event is free, but ANY donation would be much appreciated. All funds will go directly to Cornell University to benefit students who are struggling to pay school costs due to financial hardship caused by COVID 19.

Questions: Alex Ponomarenko ’94


WINWOOD – La Rubia
Brewed using a combination of German Pilsner Malts, British Crystal Malts, Czech Saaz Hops and German Ale Yeast
– Beer Style: American Blonde Ale
– Taste: Delivers crisp bitterness with slightly bready, sweet flavor
– Body: Light
– Glassware: Pilsner Glass
– Region: Miami, Florida
– ABV: 5.0%
– Food pairing: Pairs well with salad, seafood and chicken
– Cool facts:

  • La Rubia is the official beer of Miami Heat, #1 selling beer in South Florida
  • Winwood Brewing is Miami’s first craft production brewery is deeply rooted in founders’ Puerto Rican heritage and namesake neighborhood, the Winwood Arts District in Miami

DOGFISH HEAD – 90 Minute Imperial IPA
Extremely complex; there is plenty of malt in this brew to match up with the extreme hopping program, leaving citrus, raisin and brandied fruitcake aromas and flavors. A “hophead” joy!
– Beer Style: PA (India Pale Ale), American Double/Imperial IPA
– Taste: Complex, Hoppy, Malty, Dark Fruit
– Body: Medium-bodied
– Glassware: Snifter Glass
– Region: Delaware
– ABV: 9.0%
– Food pairing: Burgers, Pork chops, beef, grilled fish, frites, focaccia, split pea soup, Stilton cheese & escargot
– Cool facts:

  • The brewery got its name from Dogfish Head Road, a street in Southport, Me., near the founders’ family’s summer home. The suggestion came from founder and president Sam Calagione’s father, when the pair passed the sign during a leisurely jog. It was certainly better than naming it after the adjoining street; Lobster Pound Craft Brewery doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.
  • Dogfish Head helped define the American IPA style with its (literally) game-changing 90 Minute IPA. This ultra-flavorful, hoppy brew was the first to utilize the continual hopping method, a process in which hops are added continually throughout the brewing process, rather than precisely at the beginning, middle, and end.
  • The inspiration for the method involved a cooking show, tomato sauce, and a tabletop vibrating football game. For the full story, check out the oral history of 90 Minute IPA as told by Calagione to VinePair here.

FOUNDERS – Breakfast Stout
Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, Sumatra and Kona coffee
– Beer Style: Stout, American Double/Imperial Stout
– Taste: An intense fresh roasted coffee nose topped with a cinnamon hued frothy head that seems to never fade
– Body: Full body
– Glassware: Snifter Glass
– Region: Michigan
– ABV: 8.3%
– Food pairing: steak, pork chop or leg of lamb, camembert, smoked gouda or brie cheese, cobbler, chocolate deserts
– Cool facts:

  • Silver Medal GABF 2018, 90 points rating
  • Each June, the company organizes a festival known as Founders Fest. The street in front of the brewery is closed down and blocked off for the event. National, regional, and local acts take the stage, local food vendors and artists have booths. Each year more than 5,000 people attend the festival.
  • Founders has had problems in some states with its labeling of beers. Until 2012, Dirty Bastard and Backwoods Bastard could not be sold in Alabama because of the name. In 2015, the label for Breakfast Stout, featuring a small child eating oatmeal, led to regulatory problems in Michigan and New Hampshire over the depiction of a child on an alcoholic beverage, requiring a temporary change in Michigan replacing the child with a note.

This is a Colorado version of a Belgian Trippel. It is bottle-fermented and has a hazy deep golden color. Delightfully floral Saaz hop bouquet and herbal, spicy Hallertau Mittelfruh Noble hop nose, balanced by creamy, juicy malt.
– Beer Style: Belgian-Style Ale, Tripel
– Taste: Complex, Fruity Esters, Spicy
– Body: Medium-bodied
– Glassware: Tulip glass/Wine Glass (Best for Belgian Style beers per Beer Advocate)
– Region: Colorado
– ABV: 8.5%
– Food pairing: Tripels are big and complex which provide a variety of choices to match intensity with bold foods. It works well with spicy dishes like Cajun or Thai, but is versatile enough to go with a simple margherita pizza. Tripels are one of the best beers for game birds like pheasant and quail. Roasted venison would pair well too. Tripel is a great beer for cheese pairing – try Bleu, Gorgonzola, or a more adventurous washed-rind cheese. Not all beers do desert, but Tripel will, especially with your mom’s peach cobbler.
– Cool facts:

  • In 1988, New Belgium co-founder Jeff Lebesch took a bicycle ride through Belgium that changed the course of his life. On his trip, he tasted a variety of Belgian ales and was enamored with their aromas and flavors. Three years later, New Belgium was born.
  • Although it’s been rumored that the brewery was going to sell to Anheuser-Busch, in the words of New Belgium co-founder Kim Jordan, “unlike many beer companies, we never sold out to a bigger company.”


ESTRELLA – Galicia
Lightly floral and herbal flavors, with a moderate warm mouthfeel, and intense hoppy bitter taste that lingers the mouth. Excellent aromatic balance between malts and hops.
– Beer Style: American-Style Lager
– Taste: Crisp, Clean, Balanced
– Body: Light-bodied
– Glassware: Pilsner Glass
– Region: Galicia, Spain
– ABV: 5.5%
– Food pairing: Chicken, rabbit, soft mild to hard cheeses, dishes cooked with garlic, tomato and root vegetables present a good balance with this beer
– Cool facts:

  • Official beer of Money Heist TV Series
  • Founded in 1876 Estrella Damm is Barcelona’s oldest brewery
  • They still use the exact same recipe August created in 1876. The pilsner lager only consists of natural barley malt, rice and hops from only Mediterranean farmers.
  • They’ve also been using the same strain of yeast for generations, which is kept under the highest security

Traditional Abbey Ale brewed in the classic style of Belgium’s Trappist Monks. It is almost ebony in color, smooth, creamy and full-bodied, with big richness of texture that is oily and assertive.
– Beer Style: Quadrupel
– Taste: Complex, Malty, Dark Fruit, Estery
– Body: Medium-bodied
– Glassware: Tulip glass/Wine Glass
– Region: Belgium
– ABV: 10.5%
– Food pairing: buttery or sharp cheeses, grilled or smoked meats, dark fruits, chocolate
– Cool facts:

  • In 1945, the Trappist monks of St. Sixtus in Belgium decided that they would brew beer for their own consumption and sell it to the public at the gates of the monastery and to a few taverns connected to the monastery, and Brewery St. Bernard was founded.
  • In 1992 the Trappist monasteries decided that Trappist beer could only be brewed inside the walls of a monastery and it is now produced exclusively by St. Bernardus monks
  • Abt 12 won gold in the ‘Belgian Style Strong’ category 2019 World Beer Awards

LINDEMANS – Framboise
This lambic is deep red with a medium body. It has medium sweetness and is reminiscent of raspberries, sweet herbs, and yeast. Zippy acidity balances out the sweetness to provide a harmonious finish.
– Beer Style: Ale
– Taste: Fruity, Sweet, Tart
– Body: Medium-Bodied
– Glassware: Stange
– Region: Belgium
– ABV: 2.5%
– Food pairing: This refreshing, light beer suits a summery salad. Also a great pairing with chocolate, cheesecake, raspberries, ice cream (vanilla or other flavors ), with or as part of a sorbet.
– Cool facts:

  • In 1822 Joos Frans Lindemans married a desirable farmer’s daughter called Françoise Josine Vandersmissen. He was soon mayor of the small town of Vlezenbeek (close to Brussels) and in the evening, after ploughing his lands, Joos Frans took to brewing lambic (lambiek) beer.
  • What started off as a side activity gradually developed into the main business. Several generations later, by the 1950s, brewing was the sole activity at Vlezenbeek. The know-how of making lambic beers had been passed from father to son.
  • A sixth generation took over in 2006: cousins Dirk and Geert. Today the brewery is well placed to respond to increased demand from abroad. Lindemans is currently capable of producing 17 million liters-a-year.