Event Details

Location: Saint Augustine, FL

for all Cornell Alumni and Guests

Bring the family
Join us for Good Food, A Historic Light Tour and Holiday Cheer!

5:00 – 7:30 pm

Meet at Mojo Old City Barbeque at 5:00 PM for drinks, snacks or an early dinner.  (Each pays own)
Mojo is known for their great barbeque and blues vibe
5 Cordova St, Saint Augustine, FL – Parking is Free!

The Tour Trolley will pick us up at Mojo’s at 6:15 PM for the Night of Lights Historic Tour

The holiday spectacle of traditional white lights (some three million of them) has its roots, like everything in St. Augustine, in history. For the nearly 250 years that St. Augustine served as the capital of Spanish Florida, residents would place a lighted candle in their windows to mark the holiday season. Now the lights are electric, but they remain white, and they are dazzling to see as they decorate the wonderful old buildings, historic homes and bayfront vistas in the nation’s oldest city. National Geographic magazine included St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights in its recent list of the ten best places in the world to see holiday lighting displays.

$15 Per Person

Thanks to Bill Grant for coordinating this event.

RSVP to wmgrant77@gmail.com by 27 November.

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