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Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL


Make Spring Break meaningful by building sustainable housing for those in need in Jamaica.

Sponsored by the Cornell Club of Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, this special project trip April 1-5, 2019, gives Cornellians and their guests the opportunity to improve the lives of people in need and conserve the environment. Thousands of Jamaican families are living in homes made of rusty tin held together with rope. These shanties have packed dirt floors, open fire cooking, no running water or toilet facilities. Between devastation by Caribbean hurricanes, deforestation, pollution and open sewage, the homes are dangerous to both their inhabitants and the local ecosystem.

This Cornell project will allow us to provide hands-on relief by building new environmentally sustainable homes, complete with foundation, electricity, running water and a flushing toilet. The project is managed by Food for the Poor, one of the most established non-profit organizations doing this kind of work, and will be supervised by a professional construction team, who will prepare the build site prior to our arrival.

With a team of dedicated Cornellians, these homes can be built in one or two days!

The cost of the trip is $950 (not including airfare) and includes hotel, food, local ground transportation and security. The entire cost of the trip may be tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

Please click HERE to answer 1 simple question…Are you interested in learning more about going to Jamaica over Spring Break? Please note that when Kevin from Food for the Poor spoke at our Board Meeting he mentioned that leisure time and party time (if you so choose) are also built in to our time there. So we can look at this as partying/vacaying with a Purpose!

Thanks for your time and quick action with feedback on this initiative, spearheaded by Brad Ress our Club’s Community Service Chair. Thanks, Brad!