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Kick off the weekend with an hour of socializing with fellow Cornellians from Massachusetts hosted by the Cornell Club of Boston! Grab a friend or two and join us on Virbar, a new hangout program founded by Cornellians! You and your group will move through a variety of meeting rooms where you can connect with other groups of Cornell alums! Answer icebreaker questions like, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” and challenging prompts such as, “Would you rather be able to eat only at Trillium or only at the Ivy Room?” Share your Cornell nostalgia and your regional experience with friends old and new!

More about Virbar:
Virbar is a group socialization startup founded by Cornellians! The aim is to allow organizations to build strong interpersonal connections while avoiding the risks associated with physical interaction. Zoom is for the workday, Virbar is for the happy hour! Grab a drink, link up with friends, and start meeting people!

How it works:
1) Go to Virbar.com, create a group and invite your friends via the “copy link” button
2) Get put into a video call with your friends and view other live groups
3) Select groups that you’re interested in chatting with and get put into 6′ video calls with your matches
4) After 6′ either extend your meeting or go back to your homeroom to debrief
**Here is a quick “how-to” video!

Questions? Contact Meghan Brown ’13