Event Details


DATE: Thursday, September 30, 2021

TIME: 7PM-8:30PM 

LOCATION: Zoom (link will be sent in registration confirmation)

Being part of an alumni network is a unique way to connect with others who share formative educational and life experiences. As alums of Cornell University, with its founding credo of “Any person, any study,” we are fortunate to belong to a vast, global network of accomplished individuals doing amazing things in every field imaginable! It can be daunting to figure out how to leverage such a tremendous resource effectively, though, so we are pleased to offer the Cornell Club of Boston this opportunity to explore some strategies for flexing the crucial life skill of networking.

Who Should Attend?

• People who love networking

• People who hate networking

• People who know they probably should be networking but aren’t sure how to start

• People who are new to Boston

• People who are considering a career change

• Really, any Cornellian who wants to grow their network and brush up on some skills

Making connections has never been more important. As we navigate rapidly changing work and social environments, our professional and personal networks are vital resources that provide us with valuable information, feedback and support. In this session, we will:

• Define what we mean by a “flexible” network

• Share tools and strategies to expand your network (both in person and virtual)

• Review resources for networking, including:

a. Networking online

b. Leveraging the Cornell alumni network

c. Making connections in the Boston area

• Set concrete, small and specific professional and/or personal networking goals

• Have FUN with networking!


Tara Benedict ’01, and Laurie Stickels ’86, met nearly 15 years ago during a leadership development workshop at Harvard University, where they both work. Laurie was an instructor and Tara was a participant, and during a coffee break they discovered they not only both went to Cornell, but they also went to the same high school, and grew up 3 miles from each other. They have been friends and close colleagues ever since. Laurie has worked for many years at the Center for Workplace Development at Harvard, where she facilitates professional development programs and coaches individuals on career advancement. Tara has worked for over a decade in Harvard’s Office of the University Marshal, where she arranges visits to Harvard for visiting dignitaries and international delegations. She is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Cornell Club of Boston and serves on her Cornell Class Council. Both are natural networkers, and genuinely love helping to make meaningful connections for others. They are thrilled to have this opportunity to present this workshop for the Cornell Club of Boston!

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