Event Details

Location: Austin, TX


When: Thursday, Jan. 16th at 6:30PM

Where: Vixen’s Wedding, 1813 A E 6th St

Cost: Your tab at the event

Join us as we visit Vixen’s Wedding, a Goan and Portuguese-inspired restaurant serving intensely flavorful family style eats.  After circumnavigating the globe to fully immerse in Goa’s culinary tradition, Todd Duplechan (owner/operator of Lenoir Restaurant) has taken Goan tradition and reimagined it with Texas ingredients. Beyond the plate, their aesthetic nods to Goa’s roots and Portuguese influence (it was a Portuguese colony nestled in the spice basket of the world until 1961) with bright colors and vibrant textures custom handcrafted by local makers. Vixen’s Wedding is the story of Goa told through the lens of a Texas native.

Contact: David Harap harap.david@gmail.com