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January 1st to January 31st, 2021

Cornell Club of Ithaca is organizing an ‘adopt a food cabinet’ for this year’s Cornell Cares Day/Month. Each week of January 2021, you can adopt a specific food cabinet in need in our area. The cabinets are provided through Mutual Aid Tompkins (www.mutualaidtompkins.com).
In “adopting” a particular cabinet, alumni can help stock the cabinet with items, which can happen through personal means of obtaining items or through gathering donations from friends, neighbors, or family members.

Alumni are welcome to contribute as much or as little as they desire to the specific cabinet they ‘adopt’ that week:

• Ithaca Free Clinic: 521 W. Seneca St., Ithaca
• Multicultural Resource Center: 516 W. State St., Ithaca
• 306 Elm St., Ithaca
• South Hill Elementary School: 520 Hudson St., Ithaca
• Recycle Ithaca Bikes 530 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca
• 806 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca
• 200 W. Hill Circle, Ithaca
• 307 W. State St., Ithaca
• 101 Conifer Circle, Ithaca
• 48 Penguin Dr., Cortland

Please sign up for the cabinet/week you want to adopt in the registration process.

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