Event Details


Saturday, July 24th 2021
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

The goal of the session is to educate people on the different aspects of how to engage Africa as a content through travel, business ventures, and through real-estate investments. Each of the speakers/panelists will provide their own insight and expertise from their own experiences. It will start with a 30 min panel and then we will have two 30 min breakout sessions allowing for participants to choose two different rooms to pop into for each rotation.

Moderator: Latossha Tifre

Panelists/Speakers: Delores Sekyere (Real-estate), Amma Aboagye (Business), Jabari Osaze (Travel), Anika Osaze (Real-estate), LaToya Brackett (Travel), Ken Krieger (Business)