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DATE: Saturday, Nov 05, 2022
TIME: 8:45 a.m. MST
LOCATION: South Mountain Park / Preserve
COST: $5 per person

Responding to AZ CU Alumni interest survey, we are offering a new hike in the South Mountain Park / Preserve. This hike will be led by our intrepid Karen Beckvar (CU A&S/BA), Dartmouth Tuck/MBA). Thank you, Karen!

The hike will be 60-90 minutes long (about 3 miles). Degree of difficulty will be easy-to-moderate so it should be appropriate for most ability levels. The early part of the trail has a paved loop trail with interpretive markers which wheelchairs, strollers and young children can manage. Further along, we’ll be able to enjoy some city views along the route! Alumni, family, student’s parents and friends are welcome! Be sure you wear a hat, bring sunscreen and more water than you think you’ll need. Dogs are not allowed on the park trails. Details of the meeting location will be provided upon registration.

This should be great fun, meet other Cornellians, make new friends, with a chance to explore a new hiking area before we get into the year-end rush. We may even come across some signs of the Hohokam prehistoric culture. Hope you will join us!

Event Questions? Contact Thomas Dewey at tdeweycu84@gmail.com.

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