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Creative Survival and the Art of Adaptation:
Case Studies in Contemporary American Theater

Live performance suffered terribly during the COVID pandemic, with
production houses shuttered and thousands of people out of work. This was
especially devastating for New York, as the theater is the city’s economic
engine. Broadway attendance alone surpasses NY’s top ten professional sports
teams…combined, contributing $15 billion to City coffers and supporting 100,000
local jobs. The Great White Way’s cultural offerings nourish its citizens’
hearts, minds, and paychecks. Theater’s sluggish return has many people
wondering: can theater survive yet another devastating plague? Is this ancient
art form relevant to our digital age when we can stream catalogs of
pre-recorded entertainment with the touch of a button from the comfort of our
couch? What does liveness even mean in a world dominated by Artificial
Intelligence and Bots? And, if theater fails, will New York follow suit? If the
2023 season is any indication, the theater will be just fine, performing as
well, if not better, than the “before times.” The key to theater’s resurgence
will be its ability to acclimate, adjust, and change. At this moment of crisis,
it is not surprising that many of the shows debuting this year are adaptations.
Some are revivals of earlier works (produced at moments of uncertainty and
upheaval), while others are radical revisions of canonical plays, experimental
novels, and newspaper headlines. The story of the 2023 theatrical season will
be one of creative survival, of adaptations that produce a profound sense of
wonder about the alchemical magic that happens when people make art together,
live and in person, and of audiences’ willingness to adapt to new protocols,
viewing habits, and forms of aesthetic communion. 

Possible shows include: 

A Doll’s House
Fat Ham 
Life of Pi
New York, New York
Prima Facie

Once the schedule is set, a unique access tour and talkback with the creatives will be scheduled.

Space is limited!

All group meals, discussions, and coffee breaks will be held at The Cornell Club – New York, 6 East
44th Street, New York, NY 10017.


  • Explore
    how historical events influence modern times and directors’ influence.
    What role do modern times play in the performance of a playwright’s proper
    delivery of their message? How have past versions been affected and
    adapted to fit modern time environments?
  • Converse
    with other theater-goers to unpack and delve into the deeper meanings of
    the daily shows.
  • See
    three adaptations of notable plays and analyze the director’s
    interpretations and playwright’s intentions given performance times.
  • Enjoy
    engaging performances, group meals, and pre-and post-performance
    discussions with Prof. Sara Warner, who teaches what Medium
    calls “one of the most innovative courses” in academia.


The entire
program charge for New York City Theater is $1,995, which must be paid in full
at the time of registration and by April 18, 2023.

Price includes… It does not include accommodations, airfare, travel
insurance, or personal expenses.