Event Details

Location: Sunnyvale, CA


05 Oct 2017
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers, and Tech Talent Recruiters
Looking for new opportunities, larger professional networks, or sounding boards for ideas? Cornell and MIT come together to sponsor a night where you can pitch ideas and/or look for your next job opportunity. Recruiters, you will definitely want to be there.

Benefits to Attendees: •Job seekers can survey a wide variety of local startup job opportunities
•Potential investors, advisors, and service providers get a unique window into the technologies and business plans being considered (and funded)

Benefits to Companies:
•Access to talented alums to fill open positions

•Sounding board for company pitch
•Benefit of fresh thinking on business plans, product plans and technology horizons

Attendee/Pitch Registration

Company Registration

LinkedIn, 950 W. Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94085

$20 when you use the promo code CORNELL17

Companies can register to have representation at this event:
$250 – 2.5′ Round Table (up to 3 representatives)
$500 – 3′ x 6′ Rectangular Table (up to 5 representatives)

Interested in pitching? Learn more here.

Event Information: Nancy Abrams Dreier ’86, P ’12, P ’15
Registration: Serena Chung

This event is sponsored by LinkedIn.

We anticipate to sellout our 300 person attendee limit. Dozens of companies ranging from early stage startups to larger pre-IPO are expected to attend and exhibit seeking new team members to help them grow. Last season’s event demonstrated overwhelming success for hiring and business opportunities.