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Location: Houston, TX

Wednesday, February 28th | 6:30 PM | Museum of Natural Science, 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, Texas 77030

Induced earthquakes are triggered by humans, either by injecting fluid into the ground, extracting it, or impounding it behind dams. These unnatural earthquakes have occurred for a century, but in the past decade have become more prevalent. These induced earthquakes create a new hazard and bring public attention, but they also create opportunities to study earthquake processes at atypical rates.

Dr. Katie Keranen of Cornell will discusses the sudden rise in induced seismicity, the relationship to oil and gas production including wastewater disposal and hydraulic fracturing, mitigation efforts, and new scientific advances made possible by this unintended experiment.

We will have time to meet with Katie after the lecture.

RSVP to Deborah Barrash at dibphd@gmail.com.

Tickets can be purchase through the museum website.

Museum Members $12, Non-Museum Members $18