Event Details

Location: Houston, TX

Monday, October 14th | 6 – 9 PM | Truck Yard
(2118 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77003)

We took Labor Day off… and then the rest of September. Not even joking, ask us about our travels. But we’re back in EaDo, this month at Truck Yard. We don’t pick our venues based on their decor (Houstonania meets folk art meets kitsch for Truck Yard), but this one has a Ferris wheel. Kind of hard to say no.

Truck Yard is big. How will I find y’all? Glad you asked… we’ll be outdoors at or near the wooden tables surrounded by the pickup truck bed walls. That will make sense once you walk in or if you’ve been to Truck Yard before. Look out for our signs on the table and/or a group over-indexing on business casual.

Parking: Street parking (no Astros game that day… nobody checks baseball schedules a month out more than us).

Food: They’ve got food trucks. For a best guess of what trucks will probably show up that day, please click here.

Hosted by: Juana Granados/Vanessa Eni (Penn), Will Nguyen/Howie Yu (Princeton), Frank Teng (Yale), and Raj Salhotra (Harvard Law)

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