Event Details

International Location: Tokyo, Japan

It’s Christmas season again! 

You and your family, colleagues, friends are cordially invited to join American Holiday Dinner.  
Restaurant will serve you Christmas dinner and drinks as well as special entertainment.   
This year we will have clown show and balloon entertainment, which kids can particularly enjoy!!!  Look forward to seeing lots of kids’ smiling faces.

DATE: Saturday, December 3, 2016
TIME:  18:30-20:30
PLACE: Bistro  lle  de  Ré (http://iledere.jp/)
ACCESS: http://iledere.jp/access/
TEL:  03-3400-4755

FEE:  6,000 yen (graduates of 2014-2016), 6,000 yen (dues-paid members and their family), 7,000 yen (non-dues paid members or friends),
   5,000 yen (children of age 4-17),  free of charge (0-3)
RSVP to Fujiko Murakami at fudiko_murakami@kewpie.co.jp

See you soon!

Amane Nakashima
President of Cornell Club of Japan