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Claim your spot in Pride history. All alumni, students, faculty, staff, partners, parents, and allies are welcome!

For the first time ever, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, MIT, Penn, and Princeton will be marching together at the annual NYC Pride March | WorldPride NYC | Stonewall50 with a section for each school — a grand statement to represent our shared heritage of academic excellence, tradition for innovation, and leadership in thought. This year’s March is one for the history books, as millions from around the world converge to pay their respects to those who paved the way at Stonewall.

MARCH for joy!
MARCH for safety, for those in danger and unable to live publicly.
MARCH to represent bodies of all genders, colors, sizes, and age.
MARCH for any reason at all because this is our day and our space to be completely and utterly ourselves, surrounded by love and support.

Sunday, June 30th
6:00pm check-in

30th St, between 5th Ave and Madison Ave
section 10 / order 1-10
we’re at the start of the block

$5 per marcher
Donations appreciated

IG: @prideisevergreen
FB: /prideisevergreen

Questions, suggestions, comments?
Reach us at prideisevergreen@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this formation a part of the annual NYC Pride March?
Yes, the one and only!

Check-in is at 6:00pm?!
Yes, you read that correctly! We will be lining up at 6:00pm in the evening. This year’s March will host 400+ groups and 150+ floats as the city prepares for 4.5 million people to celebrate Pride this weekend. The Grand Marshals will start the parade at noon and the last groups are expected to step off onto the route after midnight. We’re not exaggerating when we calling it the largest Pride celebration in history 🙂

Will I be able to march with my own school?
Yes, each school will still have its own marching section. But for the first time ever, we are acknowledging the bigger group of which we’re all a part. Don’t forget to wear your favorite school swag, or dress in your school colors!

What about Harvard and Yale?
They’re a part of the March too! Harvard and Yale’s LGBTQ alumni groups are holding their own registrations for their sections. Please register through these links if you’re interested in marching with them: