Event Details


Wednesday, January 13th , 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Diversity Alumni Programs is excited to host an engaged story-telling session and panel discussion around how to support and empower families, friends and loved ones who navigate life with differences and disabilities that may or may not be visible. The discussion will focus on creating a culture of accepting differences and disabilities, and the beauty and diversity they offer to the workplace, school, and home environments. Our panelists will share their stories and tips and tools of how they collaborated with schools in implementing their child’s IEP and 504 plans, how to create support systems, and how we can hold our institutions accountable to cultivate and sustain inclusive spaces.

Facilitated by:

LaWanda Cook
Senior Extension Associate
Cornell University, Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability

Mariela Markelis Dybner
Arts & Sciences 1992, Major in English, Concentration in Modern European Studies
Mother of Lucy (Luz) Markelis Dybner, Arts & Sciences 2022, College Scholar
(mother of five, lawyer (Georgetown 1995) at Dybner & Dybner specializing in Executive Compensation, President of Congregation B’nai Israel, Trustee of Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ)

Andrea Saporito
Cornell, ’96
Columbia Business School, ’03
Two daughters
Lives in Brooklyn
Worked at Amex, the NBA and now Martellus, a woman run consulting company

Meg Zucker – Moderator
Don’t Hide It Flaunt It President & Co-Founder

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