Event Details

Thursday, September 9th, 2021
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM ET

Although the US military is still majority white, the proportion of women, Blacks, Hispanics and Asian, and LGBTQ Americans in the military has grown considerably since 9/11. According to the Pew Foundation, by 2045 most veterans will have served after 9/11. As we think about the 20 years that have passed since that sad day in our history, we want to bring together veterans who are Cornellians to share their experiences of serving in the military post 9/11 and how they reflect on their life of service and sacrifice. We want to also discuss how veterans continue to serve outside of the military, and how veterans and civilians alike can help military personnel and their families.

About the Panel


Calie Santana
 is the President of the Cornell Latino/a/x Alumini Association (Arts ’98). She is currently Chief Informatics Officer at Westmed Medical Group in Westchester, NY and is an Internal Medicine physician. She is originally from Puerto Rico.


Jaime T. Vasquez
, Human Ecology Class of 2002, Cornell Law School 2023. United States Air Force. Service Dates: 2004-2014. AFSC: Military Police. Non-Commissioned Officer, Staff sergeant (SSgt), E-5.

Proactive, performance-driven professional with ten years of national service in the U.S. Air Force and six years of experience in legal and management divisions of government organizations, top-tier law firms, and major corporate in-house legal departments. Founder of the Patriot Hero Foundation conducts a mentoring program for Gold Star Family Children and Veterans afflicted by addiction.

Paul Rojas
; Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management Class of 2020; United States Navy 2012-2016 & National Guard 2016-2019 NCO (E-5); CUVA President 2019-2020; Co-Founder Cornell Military Network; Accenture Consultant.

Roland A. Molina
; Dept of Government, College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2022; United States Marine Corps 2012-2017 (E-4); CUVA President 2020 – Present; Aspiring J.D. Candidate

Janice H. Chen
, College of Engineering, Class of 1990, recently completed 30 years of active service with the U.S. Army, with various operational, staff and command tours. She is currently an Associate Director for Requirements and Capabilities, Raytheon Missiles and Defense.

Jessica Palominos
; Dept. of Communication, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Class of 2022. United States Marine Corps 2013-2017. Non-Commissioned Officer (E-4). Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician F/A-18. Passionate about social justice and preparing for law school.”

Co-organized by the Cornell Latino Alumni Association (CLAA) & Cornell Military Network (CMN). Co-sponsored by the Cornell Asian Alumni Association (CAAA) & Cornell Pride.