Event Details

Dear Cornellians,

We are rapidly approaching the 28th annual Cornell Weekend. Our Cornell Weekend 2019 will take place on May 31 – June 2, 2019 in Aachen.

We think we have put together an interesting program, allowing us to become acquainted with Aachen, its history and its surroundings as well as to learn more about the currently quite topical aspect of eMobility. 

Event Forms and Resources:

(i) the event program and the

(ii) the event registration form

We trust and hope that the program will appeal to all of you and that nothing will prevent you from joining us in Aachen (we hope you blocked the date a long time ago!).

Please return your completed registration forms to Wolfgang Fritzemeyer, President of the Cornell Club of Germany, as soon as possible.

Many of you have already made your bookings at the INNSIDE AACHEN Hotel. The hotel has been kind enough to reserve our contingent, or what is left of it, until April 19, 2019. We strongly recommend that those who have not made their bookings yet do so as quickly as possible; the rooms are available at our preferred rates (namely single room: € 104 / double room: € 124 per room and night, including a rich breakfast buffet).

Once again, the details of our conference hotel:

Sandkaulstrasse 20
52062 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 510 370

When making your booking please ask that it be made under the “Cornell Weekend” arrangement. 

Once again, please let us know as soon as possible that you will be able to participate in this year’s Cornell Weekend by returning the linked registration form above. The formal invitation to our Club’s Annual Meeting (on Saturday, June 1, 2019, 9:00 a.m., at the INNSIDE Aachen) as well its agenda will be sent out in a separate mail. Please advise if you have any suggestions for our agenda. 

This year it’s election time again! We had already let you know that as of this year’s AGM, Wolfgang Fritzemeyer, will step down as the Club’s President. Wolfgang served as the Club’s President for twenty-eight years of strong and devoted service. We are very pleased to advise that our current Treasurer, Volkmar Hellmich, is ready, able and willing to take over, and we do know that, once elected, Volkmar will be a formidable and devoted President. Kindly come forward and let us know in case you would like to make yourselves available (i) as candidates for the Club’s Board, in whatever function, (ii) as members of one of our regional Sub-Chapter teams (Berlin, Rhein-Ruhr, Rhein-Main, Stuttgart or Munich) or (iii) as a faculty coordinators so that we can touch base with you still prior to our meeting in Aachen. For easy reference, the present regional Sub-Chapter Coordinators and Board members are copied.

If you should still decide to join our Club prior to the Annual Meeting – also, but not only, for the purpose of voting there! – please complete and send us a membership application form.

We look forward seeing as many of you in Aachen as possible!

* * * *

As the registration form’s heading (“Registration and Address Update Form“) indicates, please provide us at this time – even if you cannot register – also with your current personal data, so that we can ensure that our database remains up to date. (We have experienced that Cornellians are pretty mobile indeed!) This will assist us updating our records and will allow us to reach out to you for the purpose of inviting to meetings, providing information, networking, etc. more efficiently and effectively.

* * * *

On this occasion, we would like to let you know that the BBC in its feature “BBC Culture“ has honoured our co-alumnus, Club member of long standing and architect Eberhard Wimmer by elevating his project St. Josef church in Holzkirchen, Bavaria, to one of the ““Eight of the best new buildings of 2018”. The building is referred to as  „White, numinous, ultra-modern and wholly elemental,…“. Here is the link: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20181219-best-buildings-of-2018. Congratulations; Eberhard and your team, from all of us!

We hope to see you at this year’s Cornell Weekend!

-Cornell Club of Germany