Event Details

It’s nearly summer and that means it’s time for Cornell’s annual Non-Reunion Reunion!
We invite you to reconnect and celebrate Cornell every year, not just at the five-year marks. Non-Reunion Reunion, or NRR for short, is a celebratory gathering in June during or near Cornell’s Reunion weekend on campus. This event is for all alumni (and their families!), even for those who can’t head back to campus for their Reunion this year.

We have a reserved space at Stage Coach Greens, which is across the street from Spark Social, in Mission Bay. The space has a tv and we’re hoping to zoom into Cornelliana Night back on campus! There are plenty of food trucks to grab a bite or take a turn at mini golf.

There is no cost to attend this gathering. However, guests are responsible for purchasing their food, drinks, and for reserving and paying for their mini golf activities.