flora and garden detail view for quiz

Visual Quiz: Verdant Views

In celebration of summer, we present 10 beauteous spots that can be found somewhere on campus. Can you identify them?

Difficulty level: Medium

(All photos by Ryan Young / Cornell University)

Published June 14, 2024


  1. Emily Johnson, Class of 2006

    This was fun! More green spaces than I knew of since I was last on campus.

  2. Nancy Darling, Class of 1981

    I just visited Cornell for the first time in 20 years and so enjoyed the gardens and vistas. Haven’t seen some of the new ones yet!

  3. Diane Gnagnarelli, Class of 1981

    Wow! So many new beautiful spots on campus. I think for those whose graduation was prior to 1985, this is rather a tough exam!!

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