Two Truths and a Lie: Alumni Gridiron Edition

How much do you know about the pro careers of these eight Cornellian football stars?


You may have played an icebreaker game in which you tell two true things and one false one about yourself—and the listener has to guess which is which. Here’s a Big Red alumni version!

For each of these eight elite athletes, select the “lie”—the one pro team of the three for which the alum did NOT play. And show how much you know about the football career of …

Published September 21, 2023


  1. Richard Shapiro, Class of 1985

    Nice challenge

  2. Carol MacCorkle, Class of 1964

    What about Derrick Harman, engineer ‘84
    Was running back for SF 49ers and played in Super Bowl ‘85 at Stanford Univ stadium against Miami!!

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