Two Truths and a Lie: Alumni Authors Edition

Each famed Cornellian wordsmith penned two out of three of these books. Can you identify the one they didn’t write?


You may have played an icebreaker game in which you tell two true things and one false one about yourself—and the listener has to guess which is which.

Here’s a Big Red alumni version! Select the “lie”—the one book of the three that the person did not write—for each of these 13 Cornellians, and show how much you know about the work of …

Published August 16, 2023


  1. Karen Viglione Lauterwasser

    Full disclosure: a number of my correct answers came about because I knew the true author of one of the choices. But it was a fun quiz!

    • Tim Lynch, Class of 1990

      Same here; I had absolutely no right getting 12/13, and if I’d worked solely from my knowledge of the listed authors it would have been much less than that.

      • Marc Milgrom, Class of 1994

        Same here on at least a couple, although I’m a huge fan of both Matt Ruff and Téa Obreht and read both White books to my daughter when she was younger. (Also, hi Tim!)

  2. Richard Foxall, Class of 1984

    You really ought to include Jandy Nelson, a major YA author, in this list. She’s written to YA best sellers that also appeal to adults. Phenomenal writer.

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