‘Two Truths and a Lie’: Big Red Celebrity Edition

Can you guess which ‘fact’ about each of these 10 famous Cornell alumni is actually fiction?


You may have played an icebreaker game in which you tell two true things and one false one about yourself—and the listener has to guess which is which.

Here’s a Big Red alumni version! Select the “lie” for each Cornellian, and show how much you know about …

Published July 19, 2023


  1. Mike Redlin, Class of 1963

    Great fun to learn more about famous Cornell alums.

  2. Jo-Ann, Class of 1981

    I saw Jimmy Smits in God of Carnage on Broadway in 2009. He was the lead following Gandolfino.


  3. Jon P, Class of 1977

    Good fun! I didn’t know some of those celebrities were Cornell alums!

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