Alumni sing together in Bailey Hall during Reunion 2016’s Cornelliana Night

Alumni sing together in Bailey Hall during Reunion 2016’s Cornelliana Night. (Photo: Cornell University)

Big Red Trivia: Lift the Chorus

Can you fill in the missing lyrics in these six classic Cornell spirit songs—including some deep cuts?

Published January 18, 2024


  1. Randall Nixon, Class of 1978

    My children are the classes of ’11 and ’15. Whenever we would make the seven hour drive to campus, I would play all of the Cornell songs from a CD.

  2. Rachel, Class of 1994

    I’ve never heard of two of these songs! It would be great if you provided links to the chorus/glee club singing them.

  3. Chris Nielsen Berg, Class of 1987

    I was in women’s chorus and we didn’t sing some of these, which explains why I didn’t know all the lyrics. I’m sure my brother, who was in the glee club, knows all of them!

  4. Carolyn McMaster, Class of 1971

    I dated the Glee Club member who sang the “junior” verse. And still remember so clearly all the lyrics to these songs. What joy!

    • John Davis, Class of 1983

      I sang the junior verse in the graduation concert for Glee Club. My dad (also a Cornellian) burst into tears. A very Cornell moment!

  5. Karen Viglione Lauterwasser, Class of 1976

    I agree with Rachel – links to recordings would be awesome. I was in the Big Red Band; we would sing during intermission at the Friday night concerts we would play at local high schools the evening before our away game appearances. But we didn’t sing them all…

  6. Lewis B. Ward-Baker, Class of 1952

    As a four year Glee Clubber (doing some of the Student Directing in my senior year), most of the lyrics are in my head and available on short notice. But the one that always makes me cry is from The Hill where the line asks for a chance “to see the hill once more before I die”.

    • Barbara Redden Leamer, Class of 1957

      I think it is “tread the hill again” but I agree with you, I always tear up. I think it is because we know, at our age, that it might not be possible.

  7. Steve Harris, Class of 1976

    Interesting how one (or more) of these songs flow into/ out of the repertoire. Glee Club from 1973 -76, and never sang “My Old Cornell” that I can recall. Of course, that was a long time ago, too. ;o)

  8. David Harding, Class of 1972

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