Are You an Ezra—or an Andrew?

Do you most resemble Cornell’s intrepid founder, or its brilliant first president? Take our quiz and find out!

Published January 30, 2024


  1. Melissa L. Yorks, Class of 1975

    Of course I’m a brilliant thinker! I went to Cornell didn’t I?

    • Jon Humphrey, Class of 1977

      Yes..definitely! I guess I’m brilliant also being a Cornell alumnus,, Class of 77

  2. Stuart Baron, Class of 1982

    But Ezra and Andrew barely knew about cars, and certainly not about smartphones!

  3. Mark Twentyman

    Andrew, his now historic home is just down the road from my family Farm in Homer, New York.

    • Elizabeth

      I’m an Ezra. Somehow I knew that before I took the quiz. Trying new things is my story.

  4. Patricia baumann, Class of 1987

    Thinker yup Cornell alum 1987. Love to travel the US

  5. Allan Lines, Class of 1963

    We need more Ezras.

  6. Anne A, Class of 2011

    I got Andrew, but suspect I’m a bit of both. And for sure I love both flower and vegetable gardens!

  7. Brent Gibson, Class of 1997

    Hah! I would have thought and Andrew but I am an Ezra!

  8. James McCaffery, Class of 1985

    I suppose one could also be a Henry (Sage). I am an Andrew; there was really never any doubt about that, although there were a few signs of Ezra in me (hamburgers over omelets, f’rinstance–many of the questions were pretty obvious). I do, like Ez, have an attraction to railroads, but as a rider, not a builder of them–although in the unlikely event that I fade into a quiet retirement, there may be a model railroad in my future.

    I believe, however, that if the quiz were expanded, I’d probably be revealed as more of a Willard (Fiske).

  9. David Buck, Class of 1967

    As much as I admire Ezra, was surprised to find out I am one. Didn’t really want to be an Andrew, but nothing is wrong with that. On some trips to Ithaca, I used to sit at Ezra’s supposed desk when it was in the Tompkins County Library. Still have but haven’t finished his biography.

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