Four ice cream cones from the Dairy Bar

A rainbow of flavors. (Lindsay France / Cornell University)

Which Cornell Dairy Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

Are you Ezra’s Morning Cup? Slippery Slope Strawberry? Cornelia’s Dark Secret? Answer 10 questions and get the scoop!

(Top: Photo by Lindsay France / Cornell University.)

Published July 3, 2024


  1. Randall Nixon, Class of 1976

    Big Red Bear Tracks! I was on the track team, and on special occasions, Coach Warner would treat us by meeting up at the dairy barn and buying us cones.

    • Susan Ellis Koch, Class of 1988

      I was also on the track team under Coach Warner, and I recall putting a dollar bill in our shoes before a run. We would run to the dairy barn, stop to buy a cone, and then run back.

  2. Eric Beane, Class of 1993

    Great quiz.

  3. Dragon Day Mint Cookies & Cream!—- yummy

    • Terry Glendening, Class of 1983

      No fair, I’d rather be that one. Lol! Yum!

  4. Monique (Gilliam) Thomas, Class of 2007

    This made me smile. Go Big Red!

  5. Tom Leung, Class of 1988

    Haha, that sounds like me, cheers Big Red!

  6. Mimi Whitefield, Class of 1972

    I’m a clocktower pumpkin. Turns out that’s my favorite flavor too. Uncanny quiz.

  7. Adrienne Schwarz, Class of 1980

    Dragon Day Mint Cookies & Cream for me – YUM!

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