‘Door’ Prize: A Big Red Visual Quiz

You may be intimately familiar with the Ithaca campus—but can you identify these 10 buildings just from their entrances?

Difficulty Level: Medium

All photos by Noël Heaney / Cornell University.

Published October 12, 2023


  1. Deb doncov, Class of 1979

    What a great quiz

  2. Maurice Campbell

    That was a lovely walk down memory lane!

  3. Hugh David Pinkus, Class of 1975

    Now, 48 years after graduation, I get a 7/10 on Doors. It’s an improvement on my 1/10 on a Physics 112 quiz!

    • Teresa Fung, Class of 1991

      You still remember your physics quiz score? Amazing.

  4. Steve Ingham, Class of 1983

    The Baker Lab doors appear to be designed for giants, not those of us who were struggling through Intro Chem.

  5. eric mund, Class of 1984

    I guess I should’ve gotten outta Statler more. Still fun.
    See how many of these doors you can spot from the webcam on Statler roof… Enjoy the chimes 🙂

  6. Julie Bestry, Class of 1989

    I did well enough on the doors to buildings that existed back in the 1980s; obviously, I need to go back and visit all the “new” buildings! (But I’d know “Annie” Hall and Myron Taylor Hall and the old Ag Quad doors anywhere!)

  7. Zhihan Ye

    Excellent quiz – especially for a former architecture dept student!

    The Baker Lab inscription is truly timeless – my favorite building on planet earth.

  8. L J Piccinino, Class of 1978

    Fun game. Demonstrated that I need a tour of campus, it’s been too long! Never heard of some of those buildings.

  9. Gin Peck, Class of 1989

    10/10! Some doors I remembered, some were educated guess, some just blind luck. Similar to how I got through a few courses! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  10. Yale Kim, Class of 2010

    Great game! Enjoyed playing and seemingly enough, I recognized all these doors somewhere deep in my thoughts but I only got 6/10 probably because I just don’t remember matching doorframes to hall names ever, until having to just now 😝 glad to know my memory still kicks into high gear during fun quizzes like this, super interesting.

  11. Doug Veit, Class of 1967

    As others have commented, a great walk down memory lane. The older doors wonderfully radiate great age, tradition, and wisdom. I got 3/10. But I’m delighted that some Cornellian brain cells are preserved. 🙂

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