Yum! How Much Do You Know about Cornell Dining?

Grab a tray and some silverware, and tuck in to our tasty trivia!

View of Morrison Dining on North Campus

From cafeterias to cafés, test your knowledge of the University’s vast in-house food operation with this baker’s dozen of questions!

Published May 25, 2023


  1. Dave Salman, Class of 1977

    Fun quiz. I only leave comments on Cornell Dining on a napkin that can be displayed on the corkboard. That’s how I learned to do it in 1973 and I am sticking with it. None of this new fangled electronic commenting for me. Butter and syrup on my pancakes please. Hold the tetrazzini.

    • Eric Key, Class of 1977

      In my day we called it Turkey Tetrachloride.

  2. Robert Scott Lawrence, Class of 1971

    In the period around 1970, the most delicious waffles were at Willard Straight cafeteria each AM.

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