The cover of Mimi Lee Cracks the Code

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code

Jennifer Ng Chow ’01

In the third entry in her unorthodox series of cozy mysteries, Chow continues the adventures of the intrepid pet groomer of the title—and her sassy talking cat, Marshmallow. This time, Mimi and her boyfriend (with kitty in tow) are off on a romantic trip to California’s Catalina Island, with plans to stay in a vacation condo owned by one Pixie St. James, a client and the main investor in Mimi’s grooming business, Hollywoof. But when they get there, the place has been vandalized and burgled—and when its previous renter is found murdered and Pixie is implicated, Mimi and company team up to solve the crime and vindicate their friend. “Chow offers original characters, clever banter, and a laid-back California vibe,” says Publishers Weekly, adding: “This is perfect for lovers of crime-solving animal cozies.” The book is a follow-up to Mimi Lee Gets a Clue and Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines.

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