The cover of Gorey Secrets

Gorey Secrets

Malcolm Whyte ’55

Edward Gorey was an author and illustrator known for witty, macabre works such as The Beastly Baby and The Curious Sofa; his style is familiar to the many viewers of PBS’s “Mystery!” series, for which he created the opening animation. In this volume from the University Press of Mississippi, Whyte—himself a prolific creator of illustrated books for kids and a founder of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco—delves into the artistic and literary inspirations behind Gorey’s work. “Malcolm Whyte has done us all a service by exploring and explaining the incredibly complex tangle of Edward Gorey’s sources, influences, and inspirations,” Frank Robinson, director emeritus of the Johnson Museum, says in a blurb. “Everything is in the mix, from Melville and Lear to Agatha Christie and the Brothers Grimm, from Hogarth and Redon to Matisse and children’s illustrations, as well as the I Ching. Richly illustrated and beautifully designed, this lively monograph is a deeply rewarding celebration of Gorey’s creative genius.”

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