The cover of Begin with a Question

Begin with a Question

Marjorie Maddox, MS ’89

Maddox, a professor of English and creative writing at Pennsylvania’s Lock Haven University, has published numerous poetry collections as well as essays, children’s books, and a volume of short stories. Her oeuvre includes two books of poetry released just a day apart in March 2022: Heart Speaks, Is Spoken For (a collaboration with a nature photographer comprising imagery and contemplative prose) and this volume of poetry, released by the Christian publisher Paraclete Press. “This is a book of contemplation and motion, a journey—often in stops and starts—toward the Divine, a pilgrimage paved with prayer, praise, pause, penitence, and (of course) questions,” says the publisher, adding: “A book for seekers, doubters, and believers alike, these poems bring us face to face with anguish, anger, awe, and adoration.”

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