The cover of 140 Miles of Life

140 Miles of Life

Veronica Carrera, MBA ’15

The title of Carrera’s book—a combination memoir and motivational guide—refers to the Ironman triathlon, a daylong endurance race that comprises a total of 140 miles of cycling, running, and swimming. For Carrera, training for and completing the event is an allegory for other challenges she has faced as (in the words of the book jacket) a “queer, brown-skinned immigrant” whose family came to the U.S. from Ecuador. In the book, subtitled A Remarkable Journey to Self-Acceptance & Love, she reflects on and gleans life lessons from her experiences—including the trauma of being shunned by the Mormon church after falling in love with a fellow female student as an undergrad at Brigham Young University. Now a consultant and motivational speaker, Carrera produces the LinkedIn Live show “30 Minutes of Wisdom.”

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