The Big Red Bear looked a bit different in the past—seen here at Schoellkopf Stadium in 1987

The Big Red Bear looked a bit different in the past—seen here on Schoellkopf Field in 1987. (Kenneth Zirkel ’88 / Wikimedia Commons)

Celebrate the Season With Our ‘Big Red Spirit’ Trivia Quiz!

As temperatures drop and thoughts turn to football (and pumpkin spice lattes), we test how well you know your alma mater

West Campus and Cayuga Lake in fall

Fall is in the air—time to test your Big Red spirit! How many of these 10 trivia questions can you answer?

Published September 22, 2022


  1. Liv erskine, Class of 2026


  2. Jim Morey, Class of 1990

    “Tell all the pikers on the Hill, that I’ll be back again.”

  3. Mike, Class of 1984

    2 out of 10…. I never did well with Pop quizzes! Ha

  4. Jack salberg, Class of 1970

    Just like the grading on a curve. 4 of 10 is a B+ !

  5. Bayla, Class of 1960

    Gee, in my time, six out of 10 (my score) was a nice solid D 🙂

    Grade Inflation strikes again!

    Then again, it could have been much worse, considering that most of my answers were half-educated guesses — which served me pretty well on multiple choice exams, back in the day 🙂

  6. Harry Petchesky, Class of 1959

    Is this marked on a curve? If so what is my 7 worth?

  7. Roger Ferris, Class of 1970

    Lucky guesses on 3 of my 5 correct answers.

  8. Ann Rider, Class of 1964

    I completely failed all the trivia ?s

  9. Judith Barth, Class of 1969

    3 out of 10 – better than I thought I might do! Love the comments on grading on a curve – saved me in a couple of classes (but not at Cornell! I don’t remember that being a ‘thing’ back when I was at Cornell.

  10. Donald Koch, Class of 1974

    7 ought to be an A – I only got 5

  11. Candi Dabi, Class of 1968

    Oh, dear. I better go back to school…3 correct. My excuse is that too many questions were based on trivia “before my time” ! That seems to be the case for low scores from other young Alums.

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