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Council Interest Groups

(formerly known as Committees)

Following changes to the Cornell University Council constitution and bylaws in May 2013, the groups formerly known as Council committees have reorganized as Council Interest Groups.

Council Interest Groups are primarily informational in nature. As with the committees in the past, each group represents a campus department or unit and convenes a session at the Trustee-Council Annual Meeting to provide an opportunity for attendees to become more informed about, participate in, and offer feedback to a particular area of the university.

A Council Interest Group may reach out to Council members to serve as a resource or assist with additional initiatives throughout the year.

The current Council Interest Groups are:

  • Admissions and Financial Aid
    University Representative: Jason Locke, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment
  • Athletics
    University Representative: J. Andrew Noel, Jr., Meakem*Smith Director of Athletics and
    Physical Education
  • Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
    University Representative: David Lodge, Director, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
  • Career Services
    University Representative: Rebecca Sparrow, Director, Cornell Career Services
  • Cornell's Adult University
    University Representative: Catherine Penner, Director, Cornell's Adult University
  • Engaged Cornell
    University Representative: Basil Safi, Executive Director, Engaged Cornell
  • Human Resources
    University Representative: Mary George Opperman, Vice President, Human Resources and
    Safety Services
  • Student and Campus Life
    University Representative: Ryan Lombardi, Vice President, Student and Campus LIfe
  • Technology Transfer
    University Representative: Tina Snead, Director, Research Communications
  • University Communications
    University Representative: Joel Malina, Vice President for University Relations