Club Leader Toolkit

Cornellians participate in more than 100 clubs and associations around the world, and more than 1,000 Cornellians serve on club and association boards! The resources below include everything you need to know about managing a successful club or association. Updates are frequent; we are always evolving and improving these tools as we continue to get feedback from leaders like you.

Mission Statement

Cornell University invites all alumni, parents, and friends to participate in the worldwide university community, attend events, stay connected to the university, and contribute to the greatness of the university.

Consistent with the core values of community, education, and service, the initiatives of each club will provide alumni, parents, and friends with meaningful opportunities to:

  • Strengthen their knowledge of and ties to the university;
  • Maintain and grow friendships with Cornellians;
  • Continue the process of life-long learning; and
  • Serve the university, other alumni, students, and the community at large.

We want to make it easy and fun for you to organize with fellow alumni who live all over the world.

Virtual Tools in Virtual Times

For now, we have developed guidelines for regional clubs, associations, and chapters as you think about planning virtual online events.  These event guidelines will shift as our guidance regarding in-person gatherings changes.  There is also a new event detail form to better assist with your virtual events. Please use this new form until further notice.

The changes that many of us are experiencing in our daily way of life also provide interesting opportunities. In particular, many of you have asked about reaching out to students who are home completing online instruction. There definitely will be such opportunities once the students have had some time and space to establish and adjust to this new mode of organizing their academic and social life. Our recommendation, in the interim, is to encourage alumni in your network to update their CUeLinks profile as a way to connect virtually with students.

CUeLinks is a university-wide online networking platform where members can connect with the people and resources they need to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. Knowledge seekers (students) can connect with knowledge sharers (alumni or peers) to share information. To help you optimize your CUeLinks profile, share tips, tricks, and best practices, you can find a recorded webinar here.

This is a great time to take a look at your social media pages and make those long-awaited updates and relevant Cornell University connections for your alumni. This is also a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your alumni base to make new connections and keep the local Cornell Community strong.

Your alumni affairs partners remain committed to assisting you and your club with your endeavors, regardless of our current work spaces. Please don’t hesitate to connect with your Alumni Affairs Regional Staff Contact.


Reports and forms that you need to complete and submit to Alumni Affairs. This information helps Alumni Affairs allocate resources and find ways to better serve your club:


Ensure expedited and secure exchange of information:

How to market events and communicate with your local alumni base, as well as work with the Alumni Affairs Office at Cornell:

Are you aware of the privacy policy?

  • This list has been compiled, on a confidential basis, by Cornell University for its exclusive purposes and those of its alumni organizations. It is not available for private or individual purposes of any kind, including commercial solicitations or the expression of personal, political, social or economic views. This policy applies to all alumni and university personnel.

Guidelines for using the Cornell name and logo:


    Event planning resources and information regarding various programs and activities your club can organize to engage local alumni. With a focus on Cornell University’s priorities, we hope you will host a minimum of two events per year. In addition to your local programming, consider the following:

Event Planning


Organize and administer volunteer activities; as well as resources to manage the health and success of group operations:

Training and Participation

Training is important in the life of an alumni volunteer leader; plug into the broader network:

Additional Resources

Find additional resources and web sites available to you to help make your time as a volunteer leader enjoyable and rewarding and help lead your club to success:

Connect with and give feedback about any of these tools by contacting your

Cornell Alumni Association Representatives

Alumni Affairs Regional Staff Contacts (PDF, 380 KB)