Your support makes Cornell more accessible

Small gifts from alumni, parents, and friends add up and allow students from all over the world to stay enrolled. Gifts to Cornell’s scholarship funds counted in our Back to School Scholarship Drive and resulted in over $50,000 raised for students.

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infographic drawing of a hand holding a pen

Cornell tuition in 1978 cost $3,350—equal to the spending power of $15,397 today.

In 2022, tuition was $63,200.

But with the support of alumni and friends, Cornell has invested in financial aid at a rate that significantly exceeds the annual increase in tuition.

This means that students who receive financial aid today (about half of the student body) will pay less to attend Cornell than they did 20 years ago. Cornell has tripled annual institutional grant aid in the last 20 years, reducing the need for many students to rely on loans.

old typewriter

Students also need technology to complete their work.

One typewriter in 1950 cost $67, which would be $822 today.
One basic laptop in 2023 costs around $350.

winter boots

Winter clothes are essential for Ithaca weather.

A good pair of winter boots cost $8.95 in 1950—equal to $109 today.
Winter boots cost $150 or more in 2023.

A hot breakfast can make or break your study session.

old cartoon of a couple diningA simple breakfast special in 1930 cost $0.25.
In 1980, a basic breakfast increased to $0.99—equal to $3.51 today.
One breakfast bagel sandwich and a cup of coffee in 2023 costs $8.45 in Collegetown.

old newspaper drawing of a living room

Living off campus? Finding a room or apartment can be tough.

Renting a single room in an apartment in 1950 cost $32 per month. That would be equal to $402 today.
But in 2023, a one-bedroom apartment in Ithaca averages $1,508 per month.