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Zoom into the cosmos with Cornell Friends of Astronomy

Friends of Astronomy brings astronomical science to the greater community

In 1992 the Department of Astronomy officially launched Friends of Astronomy to invite community members to share in the joy of astronomical discovery. Martha Haynes, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Astronomy, and Chuck Mund, Jr. ’81 organize monthly Zoom events led by Cornell astronomers (faculty, research staff, and student experts) on a variety of topics—from the search for Earth-like planets to what happens when a star dies.

“This has been a very happy experience with significant interaction between the department and our friends in the wider world,” says Martha.

Alumni and friends are invited to join Cornell Friends of Astronomy for four upcoming virtual events this spring:

“Takeout from Distant Moons: Pizza or Snow Cone?”

Tuesday, Feb 20 @ 8:00 pm EST
Organizer: Maddie Pettine

“Evolution Across the Cosmos: Nature's Missing Evolutionary Law”

Tuesday, Mar 19th @ 8:00 pm EDT
Organizer: Jonathan Lunine

“The Landscape of Stellar Death”

Tuesday, Apr 16th @ 8:00 pm EDT
Organizer: Anna Ho

“Alien Earths”

Wednesday, May 22nd @ 8:00 pm EDT
Organizer: Lisa Kaltenegger

For a Zoom link, please write to