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This season, let the grass grow

Cornell experts share the benefits of their “Tall Grass, Small Gas” initiative and explain the science behind why they let the grass grow.

As we welcome spring, we also welcome lawnmowing season. Before you break out the mower, we have a secret from Cornell experts to share.

Their advice will save you money, fuel, time, and yield multiple environmental benefits, including: reductions in greenhouse gas emissions associated with mowing and potential increases in soil health, drainage properties, and capacity for carbon capture.

So, how do you unlock these quadruple-bottom-line rewards? The answer is simple: mow less, maybe even way less. Following the old adage “let the grass grow” may deviate from our familiar lawncare practices, but—according to the Cornell experts we consulted—the science shows it makes good sense.

“This is low-hanging fruit—it’s something you can do that doesn’t cost anything,” says Cornell grounds department director Dan Schied. “All we do is let the grass grow.”

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