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The good Cornellians can do: Wesley Schnapp ’16

Wesley Schnapp '16 pilots a new neuroscience curriculum at an elementary school in Tucson, Arizona, in fall 2023.

For the past two years, Wesley Schnapp ’16 has been volunteering with a nonprofit in Tucson, Arizona, to help educate local youth about the wonders of the human brain and how neuroscience relates to mental well being, emotional intelligence, and social dynamics.

Wesley, who is a fifth year neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, has been working with The Center for Neurosciences Foundation to develop a Social and Emotional Neurodevelopment curriculum for K-12 students. She helped introduce the new curriculum to local elementary school students in fall 2023.

“I am deeply committed to empowering future generations with the knowledge and tools necessary to prioritize brain health and emotional resilience,” Wesley says. “Witnessing firsthand the impact of our curriculum on students' attitudes towards mental health and their grasp of neuroscience concepts has been immensely gratifying.”

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