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The good Cornellians can do: Timothy Kearns ’06

Timothy Kearns '06

Timothy Kearns '06 finds that taking time out to volunteer helps him weather stress, while also helping others.

"Following a three-week-long antitrust trial in a case I'd been litigating for nine years, I decided I needed to do something more and began volunteering at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC in November 2022. Over that 14 months I have been there, I have now volunteered more than 600 hours, even while my volunteering is punctuated by major litigation. I have taken on the roles of welcoming new volunteers with shelter tours nearly every weekend, training new volunteers in weekly courses, and supporting Humane Rescue Alliance's volunteer staff in managing more than 1,000 volunteers around the DC Metropolitan area.

I've personally helped hundreds of families find cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even a few turtles, welcomed more than 200 new volunteers to Humane Rescue Alliance, been Humane Rescue Alliance's leading fundraiser in a spring development campaign, and even been invited to receive a check from a sponsor on the field at Nationals Park. I am grateful to be associated with such a tremendous organization," Timothy says.