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The good Cornellians can do: Lou Donkle ’75

Lou Donkle '75 speaks at an event celebrating the restoration of this 1929 steam locomotive in Gary, Indiana.

Lou Donkle '75 led an effort by a local preservation group, the Decay Devils, to restore a 1929 steam locomotive in Gary, Indiana.

Lou first noticed the locomotive while on a train ride to Chicago. The sight of the huge steam engine in a state of disrepair sparked Lou's curiosity. After researching the history of the engine, he spearheaded a fundraising effort to restore this piece of local history.

“All they needed was money and people,” Lou explains. “They asked me if I would help them apply for a grant and lead the project. Just over one year later, the Decay Devils hosted a public dedication to celebrate the  restoration of the city's historic locomotive.”

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